O’Bannon Woods State Park hosted 2013 KAVAS Annual Meeting

Many thanks to the staff at O’Bannon Woods State Park for hosting this year’s Annual Meeting on June 1st. A special thank you goes out to volunteer naturalist Del Striegel who served as our personal guide during the wet morning hike through the hardwood “rainforest” on the accessible trail at Hickory Hollow Nature Center. Audubon members enjoyed a visit to the pioneer farmstead with a tour of the buildings including the large barn that houses the 1850 haypress. This rare commercial haypress was moved to this location form its previous home closer to the Blue River. The massive haypress is operational and powered with the help of oxen that live on the farmstead. Although the haypress was not being demonstrated during our visit, you can see a demonstration on holiday weekends during the summer. The next demonstration is at 1pm both Saturday and Sunday during Labor Day weekend.

Del Striegel also entertained and informed the annual meeting participants with a presentation of his conservation project for prothonotary warblers along Blue River. Del is in his second year installing and monitoring nestboxes that he and volunteers at O’Bannon Woods State Park constructed specifically for this warbler species. Although the project resulted in no successful nests last year, Del was excited to report that he had his first prothonotary warbler nest using one of the installed nestboxes this year.

Don’t miss next year’s annual meeting! We will be visiting another of our natural treasures here in southern Indiana for a tour that you’re sure to remember.