Bird Rehabilitation

Bird Rehabilitation

This has been a busy summer for local bird rehabilitator Rose Hensel. Rose cares for rescued birds from all over Southern Indiana including hummingbirds, woodpeckers, geese and songbirds. She is the only state licensed bird rehabilitator in Floyd County and one of just a few in southern Indiana. Rose is an
Audubon member and attends many annual functions, including our recent Annual Meeting in June where she reported on her rehabilitation work. She reports that this season she has taken in 159 birds. A few of her fortunate patients have been a ruby-throated hummingbird, four cedar waxwings, 3 brown thrashers, fiev Carolina wrens, two bluebirds and 8 wood ducks just to name a few.

Rose has also rescued and cared for 32 Black-crowned Night-Herons this year. As a retired employee of the Louisville Zoo, Rose has followed the breeding population of these Black-crowned Night-Herons that once nested at the Zoo. They now reside seasonally in the Germantown neighborhood in Louisville. Rose and a few friends make regular trips through the area in the summer to rescue birds that have fallen from the often inadequate stick nests in this rookery. Her large holding pens in her backyard rehab facility have provided a nice home for the recovering Black-crowned Night-Herons


The Knob and Valley Audubon Society Board of Directors decided this year to support Rose’s efforts by partnering with her to cover the cost of this great rehabilitation effort in 2011. With funds from this year’s Birdathon, we purchased $500 worth of mealworms and fish to help these birds in their recovery under Rose’s special care and attention. A big thank you goes out to all of our members that made a pledge during our annual Birdathon event this year. As you can see your contributions are being well used in a worthwhile local conservation effort. Also, a big thank you to Rose Hensel for her tireless work rescuing and rehabilitating birds in our area!